MIA STRADA LONDON is an independent brick and mortar boutique in Worcester Park. We took the digital leap and www.miastradalondon.com is our alter ego on-line.

We have a big dream: bring together the most amazing sustainable brands, while becoming your favourite indie retailer, both in our brick and mortar boutique and online.

The idea was born out of the DIY approach to creating a sustainable business that would allow for the ever eluding life/work balance of an optimistic third culture environmental engineer with a strong passion for conservation. Turned mum of twins. Turned jewellery maker. Turned sustainable fashion entrepreneur. (Third culture individual is a term used to explain the identity conundrum of a person that grew up emerged in different cultures)

My name is Mireya, I'm Bolivian and Dutch and live in Worcester Park. Mia Strada London is the result of my Alice in Wonderland life experience. Not really into fashion, but very much into shopping local. Not really into brands but very aware of how they often don't really work for real shaped women. Not really into trends, or make up, but very aware of how much better you look when you feel good in your own skin, which includes feeling comfortable, which is where clothes come in.

Our offering: A collection curated with thought on form, functionality, materials and provenance. We favour pieces that are easy to wear, made out of natural materials and that play with design and colour in clever ways. The aim: effortlessly flattering. 

We love: Wandering in search of new sustainable and ethical brands, exploring their stories and products. It is more than ever before, possible to live a sustainable life.

Our mantra: " Mindful choices create positive change": You can change the world with your choices.

If we could make you aware of two things: 1: Your choice matters. 2: There is no such thing as cheap. Someone, somewhere is carrying the cost of everything we consume.

So, Welcome!

Thank you for popping by, nice of you to show an interest! Please browse around and let us know what you think, we love getting feedback from our costumers.. 

Mia Strada London