Love makes our world go round

In the spirit of February I thought it would be nice to write about LOVE.

I believe it to be one of the most defining features that allowed humans to become the thriving species that we are.

Humans walk straight and are super smart and empathic because we have huge brains! Our hips are tight so that they can carry all the weight of our spine, arms, all of our organs and head.

Our evolution required for us to be able to be born at the point in which our babies heads are at their biggest whilst the baby is still able to come out safely for both him and mum. All of this makes childbirth mum and baby’s most vulnerable moment in life, and it is a crucial time that can only safely be experienced with the support of others. 

Isn’t it beautiful to know that, since the dawn of our time, humans have been helping our women during child birth? And we adapted to rear our young for years! Making sure they are safe until they’d be fit for adulthood must have been a challenge, we are supposed to be at our most advanced right now and I always wonder what would have happened to my boys if they had been born in the jungle, with the noice they make? They’d be the easiest snack 🙈

As a species, we survived because we collaborated and took special care of our new mums, their babies and our children whilst they were at their most vulnerable.

The force that would drive this behaviour stems from compassion, empathy and an innate desire to care for others and preserve our lineage. This is so beautiful because it means we are here because humans love. We are loved, and we are here to love. 

I know this post is a bit random, but I though it’s beautiful how such a thing like love may be the single most important thing we discovered as a living species on this beautiful planet 🕊️🌍🐾

Sending you love, 

Xx Mireya 🌱

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