June is for Father’s Day and spending time together

 Family days out in the open

Father’s day is in a week and so many of us are thinking of ways to make the lovely men that helped spawn our offspring feel appreciated, or we are thinking of our own father and how we should find ways to spend some time together.

I believe the best gift you could give anyone is your time and your heart and that spending time surrounded by nature is the best nurture for the soul. What better way to celebrate life and those loved ones still around to enjoy it with us, than going for a leisurely long walk? In Spanish we call it “paseo” and in Dutch we use “wandelen”, the art of enjoying each other’s company whilst wandering about.

So here is our pick of nice walks -also great for cycling- around Worcester Park:

  • Nonsuch Park has plenty of space to wander about for hours, especially if you have little ones on tow, make sure to visite the Manor gardens. Maybe bring scooters and stay on the paved path, or take bikes and explore a bit. You could finish it with a visit to the playground in Cheam Park, which joins Nonsuch Park seamlessly.
  • Ewell Court House is always nice, there is a pond with ducks (which is the reason why we always have a bag full of very old bread sitting around in our kitchen). The area to wander through is surprisingly large, there is a playground and the green area joins the Hogsmill Riverside Open Space and that stretches endlessly on both directions of the brook. Pretty sure it forms part of the London Loop, so best to plan how far you want to go and what your strategy will be heading back. If cycling, make sure your phone is charged because you might get lost!
  • Behind Green Lane Primary school there is a large green space apparently called "The Sir Joseph Hood Memorial Playing Fields", you can spot ponies and horses along the way. It has a playground, tennis courts, a small outdoor gym and a paved round circuit that's good for running. Southwards it is adjacent to The Hamptons, a development with green spaces that are open to the public, where you can visit the Mayflower park and wetlands, it also has a playground. If you take another way out, towards the north east, you soon enter Morden cemetery, which is huge and a bit somber but has a nice rose memorial garden at the northerly border towards the main exit.
  • Bourne Hall, in Ewell, apparently has signs guiding towards public footpaths that lead all the way back to Nonsuch Park. I have not done this one yet but it sound interesting right?

Of course, we are a sustainable, independent boutique, so for those of you thinking dad actually could do with a little present, I thought I’d add a link to our suggestions for cool Father’s Day gifts; all of them from independent brands, testament that real people can make a difference and develop great ideas.

Finally, if your budget can stretch a bit further and you fancy a proper early Summer Fest, why not attend one of the Summer concerts taking place at Hampton Court Palace’s Festival. It’s too late for joining Lionel Richie and Paloma Faith, but Jools Holland will play on the 14th, The Beach Boys on the 15th and 16th, Garry Barlow on the 10th and Sir Tom Jones will be playing on the 21st and 22nd. Yes, for real!! You can book tickets on line and either book a fancy picnic or take your own, doors open at 5:30 so you can enjoy the sunshine with live music from up and coming new artists on the back ground. The main concerts start around 8:30 and children are welcome from what I read, but will need to pay for a ticket. Have a look at their website, although it's not as straight forward as I have just put it here ;) The Festival finishes on Saturday 23nd with a concert from The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra and fireworks.

What ever you do, I hope you enjoy June to the fullest. Let’s make the most of the nice weather, finally!

Xx M.