Allow us to introduce to you: A.Kjaerbede (pronounced Kee-Yeah-Beed)

A bold and beautiful Danish brand of sunglasses that aims to suit any social occasion and create a perfect timeless look. The brand was born with a promise to bring colour, novelty, and good vibes to the wearer and is therefore a perfect combination of functionality and fun 😎

This Nordic brand prides itself on bringing us products of high quality at affordable prices in a sustainable fashion. A. Kjaerbede’s glasses have Polycarbonate lenses which guarantee impact resistance and a higher refractive index than plastic. They offer UV400 protection and can filter out up to 99% of UVA and UVB rays. This is higher than what British Standards require for eye protection! Additionally, they are made of 50% recycled materials and are BPA free.

A.Kjaerbede is a Nordic brand through and through, originating from the Danish island of Bornholm, by CEO Adam Geertsen in 2016. His priority was to bring an affordable luxury option to the sunglasses market. “Kjaerbede” is a local term that means “man decision”, which Geertsen says he used to decide on designs, materials and manufacturers. It is all about uniting good quality with thoughtful sustainable design, and offering this at a reasonable price point!

The result: Guaranteed comfort, practicality, and to attract plenty of compliments. These sunglasses are going to become your favourite and you’ll end up with a little collection, you’ve been warned! 😘

The origin story, Mireya’s meet cute with the brand’s CEO

I met Adam at a trade show in London whilst on the lookout for sustainable fashion brands. If you know me, you know I’m a sceptic by nature and when I am at trade shows I am laser focused on finding brands that really align with us, I am not my usual lovely self, I don’t have time to waste so I cut straight to the chase. You can imagine the first thought running through my mind when I heard the sunglases retail at £35 🙄

I gave Adam a good run for his money and he was able to share all the details regarding manufacturing, quality and how the price is what it is. I was impressed! I won’t share the whole conversation here but I can honestly vouch for the disruptive nature of this brand, and if the sunglasses are scratch proof and amazing quality, they are already more sustainable than most of the offering out there today. I love that the price point makes them affordable to most of us, that is inclusive and a truly sustainable brand needs to ultimately be affordable to most if we REALLY want to change the way the world is run. So yes, I have a little brand crush now.