Hand Stitched Veg Tan Leather Belt - Navy Blue & Orange


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Featuring pampeano’s iconic 'pampa' diamonds, the instantly recognisable coloured blocks of this polo belt have been hand-woven using thick wax-dipped threads. Originally used to provide polo teams with their team colours during matches, these polo belt patterns are a traditional example of South American artistry.

Completed by local master artisans using a hand-process which cannot be replicated by machine, the Aztec diamonds were first inspired by the peaks and troughs of the Andes Mountains and the stunning landscapes which surround them. To this day, pampeano’s South American artisans still hand-weave each pampeano polo belt, in a meticulous process which takes up to five hours to complete each one.

Pampeano's leather is of the highest grade, hand-selected in Argentina by highly skilled craftsmen for its thickness, smooth surface and perfect quality. It is then vegetable-tanned and tumbled in a lengthy and traditional process using natural dyes which creates exquisite, buttery results. As the leather ages, it warms and softens, only improving with time.

Belt width is 3.5cm

Carefully handcrafted in Argentina for Pampeano